General Questions
  • PI Wizard is an image for the Raspberry PI. It simplifies the entire process of trying to play those old Retro-Games. The Idea behind PI Wizard, It is for the person who Just wants to Game. I have spent the countless hours building the image for you.

    Download - Flash - Play!

  • Of course you can! However PI Wizard does have a built in ROM Downloader that will download either full systems or Single Games Directly to your PI. Takes all the hard work out of it! All you need is to hook your PI up to the Internet and open the PI Wizard Control Center.

  • Ofcourse not! The base image of PI Wizard is 100% Free! It will still have many of the same great features that you get becoming a Pro Member. The only real differance between the Basic & Pro Version are:
    Number of Roms in the Downloader
    Snaps & Boxart is not included with Basic
    Priority Support is Given to those who Donate

    There are other benifits of donating, so be sure to check out the rest of the site for More Information!

  • In General you should NEVER update a pre-made image. Why you ask? Well in most cases the creator of that image has not always tested everything on the new update. However with PI Wizard, I take care of updates automatically with a built in Auto-Update System. All you need to do is Open the PI Wizard Control Center and it will auto update.

Single Rom Download (S.R.D) Topics
  • Any member who has donated to piwizard will have the chance to create a username & password to login to S.R.D.

  • No problem, it happens. Just send a Message to support@thepiwizard.com and I can gladly reset it for you.

  • You Sure can! If your wanting a game that is not already in PI Wizard, you can simple use the request form. I try to add all games within 24hours but PLEASE keep in mind I'm only 1 person. Once added, I'll email you and let you know.

  • This can happen sometimes. If the server is under heavy load your game may add but the site will not tell you its ready. If you find this happens just shoot an email with your username to support@thepiwizard.com. In most cases I can fix it pretty quickly.

  • Running PI Wizard costs about $150/month. Donations help pay for the servers that hold all of the ROMS and software for PI Wizard. I do all of this in my free time, and everything is out of my pocket. Donations do not come in as often as they use to, So please keep that in mind.

Other Questions
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