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 Welcome to the All New PIWIZARD GAMING Website!

You picked up a Raspberry PI but have no idea where to start or what to do. You have spent hours on google only to come across hundreds of images not knowing what is the best one or how to even use it? Piwizard was built with simplicity in mind. On this site you'll find step by step instructions to get your Raspberry PI up and running as quick as possible with little to no effort.

Click Here for Step by Step Instructions of How to Get Started
All Raspberry PI images have pros & cons to each of them, and although I'd like to think piwizard has no cons, it does of course. So lets jump right into it, Pros & Cons of piwizard:

Pros & Cons of piwizard vs Other Images

  PIWIZARD Other Images
1: Simplicity
Complicated to Setup
2: Smaller Download
  Often 128-256-512gb
3: Auto Update System
  No update system
  4: Auto Rom Downloader -
You pick what You want
  No Rom Downloader - Roms are included but no way to select what systems  
  5: S.R.D (Single Rom Download)
  No system has this  
  6: Updates can be pushed to fix your build without having to reflash your system
  Manually applied or you will need to reflash your SD Card  
  7: More Support than you can think of.   When a user of piwizard needs help, I go above what most creators will provide.  I will spend the time with you 1x1 on facebook, discord, email or if needed I will remote into your computer and fix the issue for you.
  Although they may help you, they may just ignore you.  Also you have to rely on Facebook/discord community to help, no 1x1 support.  
  8: How To Videos/Guides - On the website you will find many of your questions answered in a how to guide or even a video.  I run 3 servers, so I host all of my own stuff.  No searching.  This is rare for any other creator.
  They will say google it or direct you to someone else.  
  9: 3 Servers = No long downloads.  piwizards roms and single roms and website on 3 various servers located globally.  I offer downloads for USA locations along with a download for someone in the UK for example.  This to help with download speeds.
  1 location - hard to find - often corrupt once downloaded  
  10: ROM Requests - Looking for a game?  I have a game request form you can fill out.  I then add that game to S.R.D typically within 24hours, and its as simple as 1, 2 ,3 and your Game will be on your pi.   No rom requests without having to reflash your entire SD card for 1 game.  

Thank you for visiting PIWIZARD

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