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    PI Wizard Image Downloads
    Board Type Size Release Date Version # of downloads
    3B & 3B+ 5.61GB 04/13/2019 5.2.6 2608
    Waveshare Game-HAT TBD TBD 1.0.0 0
    ODROID XU4 TBD TBD 1.0.0 0

    Total Downloads

    SSH  Username: pi |  Password: clover

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  • PI Wizard Tools and Misc Files.
    Size File Version Download # of downloads

    Putty 32x

    Windows 249

    Putty 64x

    Windows 305

    Balena Etcher 32x

    Windows 221

    Balena Etcher 64x * Recommended*

    Windows 258


    Windows 241
    Pi Wizard does not own the tools above.  We are not affiliated with the owners in anyway.  The same files can be found by doing a Google search.  They are located here to try and make things easier for you.


Standard Vs. Pro Version